Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Les Valentines - Oh-la-la!!

Pictures by the wonderfully talented, and always patient, Erika A. Anderson.

Wednesday, February 8, 2017

First of Many, or Last of a Few

I think the blog needs an update….don’t you?

Indie had his first ultrasound treatment with cortisone gel last night. While PRP and cortisone injections don’t go good together, the gel (instead) should alleviate the impingement (scar tissue) that Dr. Gumley feels is there – this is what is causing the limp when turning right. This shouldn’t affect the PRP though. I remain stupidly optimistic.

Vixen and I are progressing more slowly in her training than I have with either of the boys…of course that may come down to the fact that I am actually training properly “from the ground up” instead of waving my hands around and hoping for magic. I’m so glad I found Christine.

Vixen drops bars. Drives me batty. I am focusing on her jump training right now so we can nip that in the bud asap.

We got our maple tree tapping supplies a few weeks ago. I think I will have time this weekend to sterilize everything and then wrap it up and store it until the following Saturday. It *may* be too early to tap but we all know impulse control isn’t exactly something I am known for.

What is on the menu for tonight….I suppose some agility training at home is in store. I think I’ll work on contacts with Vixen; teeter to. Gotta teach that dog the teeter already!!! Grr!

Later in the evening I’ll be taking both dogs to New Leaf to do some training – flatwork and jumps for Vixen…just a warm up and stretching for Indie.

Sunday, August 28, 2016

K9-Kup #3 for 2016

Today I judged *my* last K9-Kup for 2016. It was the third event of four for the summer long competition.

Gambles was not a good way to start my morning…but c’est la vie. After three runs I shook off my exhaustion and was up and running at full steam!

The morning started damp, but no rain. After lunch the weather got quite hot and because of the wet ground things turn quite muggy (as they say) on the field. I was fine, but the humidity was taking a toll on some of the dogs. That’s agility for you though.

Judging is fun. The competitors had fun – some great attitudes out there this weekend. The dogs have fun….and it is great to see their skills progressing from the first event 2 months ago!

I do believe I have been committed to retuning next year. See you then!

Hollywood! Hollywood!

A once-in-a-lifetime experience has come and gone. I was…er, my dogs were…privileged to be chosen as “extras” on a movie being filmed (partly) in Ottawa.

The days were long, or I should say the nights were long, but it was fun to be included in something special. Something most people never get to experience.

I don’t know if our footage will all end up on the cutting room floor – always a possibility as our part was small – but I have been told our names will be included in the credits! Forever immortalized…sorta.

Look for it in theatres….possible a film festival in 2017.

"His Masters Voice"

Monday, May 23, 2016

There is a Jeep in my Driveway.... And it isn't Mine.

Hooray for long weekends!!

I so needed today off work – a “rest” well earned.

My mom and my sister came by to use my garden hose. Seems my sister had a little too much fun off roading in her Jeep. She got herself stuck, and in the process got her Jeep covered in mud – inside and out. She went to a car wash and paid an astronomical amount of money to get the outside clean…only to exit the car wash with a still dirty car.

Thus, the need for my garden hose. It took them about an hour of scrubbing, but the dirt eventually came off.

Today is also Indie’s 6th birthday! I bought him a little treat to have; Vixen too. He seemed to enjoy it.

Happy birthday buddy!!

Sunday, May 22, 2016

Beast Mode Activated

Not much going on today. Some packing, with a little side of dog training.

I took Vixen to her puppy agility class….wait, I think it is now a foundations class as these dogs are no longer really puppies.

We worked on some Handling 360 tunnel sequences; alternating between driving out straight and turning tightly out of the tunnel. Fast and straight is not a problem for Vixen, but turning sure is. We’ve been working on getting those tighter turns, and there has been some improvement – even if it is just a little, progress is progress.

In case I haven’t said it before, she is going to be a beast on course!!

Saturday, May 21, 2016

On the Limp Again

Off to see Carrie at Kemptville Canine again. He is really quite sore in the front end – he really did a number on himself on Tuesday.

She said he has “agility pit”, or more accurately an injury to his teres major muscle. She said, he will get better, and from the articles and vet journals I have read, 90% of dogs can return fully from this injury, and return to competition.

So, obviously Regionals is out, and as far as I am concerned so is pre-qual’s at Nationals. I want my dog better, so we can compete for a long time.
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