Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Christmas Prep

So with Christmas just a few days aways preparations are well underway in our house. This year we are hosting 3 family events in our home – dinner on Christmas Eve, breakfast on Christmas Day and then dinner again later that day.

Since we want the house clean and tidy for all our guests the boys are getting baths – can’t have stinky boys mingling around!

Indie hasn’t gotten as much socialization as I would like so I think having all these people over is going to be great for him. He’s pretty good with people in the house however, it’s more meeting people on the street that makes him all crazy. Over the past 3 months he has come really far and I think once he starts going to doggie-day-camp with Travis he’ll really settle down when meeting “strangers”.

He’s been coming to all of Travis’ agility classes to observe – and to offer some distractions for Travis while he’s running his course. I appreciate all his effort because I guess that’s what competitions are going to be like – dogs (and owners) heckling the competition from the sidelines. I can’t say it phases either of use very much.

Right now were training with a local dog school but I am not sure we’re going to stay in the long run – agility is only part of what they do and the class schedule is a little inconvenient. It kind of sucks though because I like all the trainers so much there. We’ll see…

Anyways, I have to run the blow-dryer over Travis one last time before putting him in his crate for the night – don’t want him catching cold!

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