Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Snip, snip.

Last Thursday was a big day, well for me, because my little Indie went into the vets for…”the big snip”. From the time we dropped him off until we picked him up I was a nervous wreck.

Being the bright light that I am I decided to try to quell my nerves with an energy drink (or two) but as you can imagine that only made things worse. Now, nervous and jittery, I had to find a way to get through my work day.

Eventually noon rolled around so I gave the vet a call to check up on Indie to see how the surgery went. Not knowing I was nervous, and was hyped up on caffeine and sugar, the vet tech. said “Um, sure…let me, um, get the vet for you.” Now to me this means bad new is impending. So, hyped up on caffeine and sugar, nervous, and now paranoid, I wait on hold for 5 minutes!!!

Turns out Indie came through fine and could go home in a few hours. Phew…now I am just jittery.

When we collected him after work we were instructed to keep him quiet for 48 hours and then only minimal exercise for 7-10 days. Clearly this vet doesn’t own animals, let alone an 8 month old puppy. We managed to keep him “quiet” for the evening and part of the night but I am sure that was only because he was a doped up on pain killers. I took Friday off work so I could stay home with him in case he was in distress – turns out he woke up full of fit and vigour and looking to cause some trouble.

So, after 48 hours of “rest”, and a few more grey hairs for me, we took him for a short jaunt down to the gas station so I could get some more energy drinks – I swear I do not have a problem. This walk only seemed to give Indie more energy and the prospect of sticking to the vets instructions of minimal exercise for another 5-8 days pretty much went out the window.

They say that fixing pets typically has a calming effect on them – clearly more unfounded advice from vets without pets or 8 month old puppies. I am of the opinion that this procedure has awoken a little monster within my cute, innocent puppy. This morning he was chasing, biting, literally jumping on and generally tormenting less that willing participants – Travis and Dash.

The terrifying part is that he did it all with a calm but calculating smile on his face. I need to get this puppy a job – and quick.

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