Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Where have I been – on vacation!!

I arranged for the boys to spend 2 weeks with their uncle Chris while we spent some time in NYC and took a 10 day cruise to the Caribbean. I had left Travis with Chris before, and I worried like a typical “mom”, but this time I didn’t have nearly as many worries – Chris had after-all returned a living and health fur-baby to me.

I had, as I always do, prepared an extensive list of care instructions to help Chris Now, I have a question…is providing a list of care instructions for dogs normal? I think it is – others think I’m weird (I am sure my husband is one of them). I mean would you leave your children, with someone who has never cared for children, without giving them some basic instructions: when and how much to feed them, what they are allergic to, that they are afraid of the dark and to leave a nightlight on, and their doctors contact information? Seems likely to me, and since I have repeatedly been told that my [well behaved] dogs are more work to take care of then children, it only makes sense to provide instructions. So, I did.

Since Chris didn’t read my instructions, Indie (from what was reiterated to me) ate receipts, chewed a leather belt/fluffy socks/an area rug, and best of all ate cat poop.

I am never trusting any real children I may ever have with, well, anyone.

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