Thursday, February 16, 2012

Seriously? The Bum Again?!?!

I don't want to make our puppy sitters feel bad but....

While we were away Travis got ahold of a few pairs of nylon, knee-high stockings - successfully eating one. This fact remained unknown until the morning we were picking the dogs up as Travis passed the stocking (fortunately) in his crate. If he had passed it outside we may never have known he ate it - it was during the crate clean out that it was discovered.

As Travis (immediately following the event) went off his food, vomited what he did eat, and still struggling to pass something besides bloody to the vet we went.

Our vet feared that they may be another stocking in him, and also some damage from the one we knew he ate might have caused, we were set to Alta Vista.

After x-rays it was thought that while there was some "damage" to his intestines - highlighted by the huge accumulating gas pocket - that he was likely fine. Because of the diarrhea Travis was given sub-cutaneous fluids and some antibiotics for possible infection. We were told that we had a 5 day window before we were in the clear for any more "foreign objects".

While tomorrow is day 5 Travis is looking great - while still a bit tired. He is playing, eating, drinking and being a happy boy. Not to mention normal and regular (timing) poops.

Who knew dog poo could make you so happy. :)

I think next time we go away we will send the boys to our breeders kennel - it's puppy safe there. Not to mention lots of other Shelties to play with.

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  1. You never know what they will eat. Beckett chewed the straw hat off of stuffed bunny when he was puppy. Never did find the hat pin that was holding the hat on the bunny's head. I guess I should have taken him to the vet for an x-ray. But oh well, two years later he seems fine.