Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Happy 2nd Birthday Indie!!

Today my baby boy turns two! It’s hard to believe that he came to our home just short of two years ago. I can’t remember what it was like to not have Indie, or Travis.

All training of my furry-athletes aside, I am truly blessed to have two great dogs. But since it’s is his birthday, this post will be only about Indie.

This is a dog that truly has a smile on his face all the time! He loves everything (except children, strangers, the bread machine, the vacuum, the gas stove/over, the blender, the doorbell, dump-trucks, large dogs, the lawn mower, windows opening, being brushed, being bathed…) especially working! He loves to go to the agility field and training classes! He loves to play and chase, be cute and make us laugh.

Just this morning he was laying on his back, laughing (kinda a grunt with his mouth wide open), wriggling around. I looked at my husband who just shrugged his shoulders. I figured that he was enjoying his birthday by reliving the moment of his birth. :) Ewww….

He is a bossy little dog, with tones of energy. The unfortunately part is that the more you exercise him the more energy he seems to find. Of course if the weather gets bad and keeps him in for a day or two then he starts to get in to trouble, or at least he makes you think he is thinking about getting in to trouble. He has this look about him when he is listening to one thing, but has is head turned towards another, but an eye locked on to something else. Makes you think he’s going to split in to three and just launch a mass assault!! This look means he is about to get in to something but he hasn’t figured what quite yet (or at least the order)…all while analyzing your tolerance threshold for puppy craziness that he is about to unleash.

Fortunately, much of his destruction is directed at cardboard, most specifically empty paper towel rolls. Sometimes toilet paper rolls will do, sometimes paint colour chips, or the box from a 24 of pop cans. Regardless, the cardboard will be torn up in to teeny-tiny little pieces and distributed evenly across the room. Sometimes he’ll convince Travis that his sort of destruction is fun and then I have riot on my hands when Indie remembers he doesn’t like to share. I thought older brothers were supposed to be the bad influence.

As bossy as he is he is also a marshmallow. He hates being brushed or bathed and gets this pathetic look about him when he knows it is coming. He won’t come to you but he is quick to flop over to expose himself while waving the white tail of surrender. Baths are more tolerable if you let him drink from the hose (a shower attachment for bathing dogs…best purchase ever). He’ll let you know when you have soaped him up enough and it’s your turn to give in to his whim. It’s a give and take relationship, but it works.

Just today I tried to remove a “hitch hiker” from his backend and I guess I grabbed more hair than…. Where you’d expect a growl or a nip from any other dog, he just yelped and then insisted on giving me nonstop kisses! He’s frequently underfoot, accidently getting kicked or stepped on, and his is how he insists on saying sorry for being in your way…kisses for mommy/daddy!! What a boy.

At just two he has proven to be a great family pet, travel companion and willing participant in many crazy doggy activities. While he is a little neurotic, the barking is driving me nuts; he is a sweet, fun loving puppy. Travis was about 2 ½ when he stopped being a “puppy” so I hope we’ll have at least another 6 months of puppy antics before he matures in to an adult dog. There is just something about puppies!!

Indie, people might think that you are a girl (where is that big manly sheltie coat?!?!) but you are my little monkey-man. Love you bunches – enjoy your day!

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  1. Happy Birthday Indie!!! Beckett has rediscovered paper towel rolls now that baby Keltic wants them.