Sunday, August 19, 2012

What Drives your Dog?

What brings out the best in your dog? What makes him (or her) run faster, turn tighter or just plan work harder?

For some dogs, it’s playing with a favourite toy or a great game of tug with their handler. For others it’s a tasty piece of food.

There is something out there that will make your dog work his hardest for you – we call this “drive”.
Neither of my dogs will work for toys – something I am passively try to change – it just isn’t a priority for me right now. Both train well with food; tricks, obedience, recalls, crate games, It’s-yer-choice games.

I’m sure that I am not alone in the fact that my dogs behave differently at a trial – they are “different” dogs. So, the challenge was how to I train with those different dogs? Simple, I combine my dogs intense love of agility with their insane jealously of each other.

I train one dog while the other is close by. While the one is having a blast, the other is barking and spinning in circles, waiting their turn. When I switch them out the one is all wound up ready to go and the other gets a refill!

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