Friday, September 21, 2012

A Healthy Dog Begins on the Inside

Ever eat a whole bag of chips and feel so sick afterwards? Junk food is nutritionally void – it has no nutritional value and your body is forced to process the “food” and received little to no benefit from it.

Regardless if our dogs (us too) are athletes or not, a balanced healthy diet will contribute to overall superior health. Wondering what a balanced healthy diet is? Well, for our dogs that is whole meats (muscle meats), vegetables, fruits, and if appropriate some grains.

There are literally hundreds and hundreds of manufactured dog foods. It’s not hard to believe that some are superior over others. It’s also not hard to believe that some are the human equivalent to a bag of chips.

I am in no way against feeding kibble, or wet foods, or even RAW. You as a pet owner are free to choose what you feed your dog, however, I implore those of you that feed a manufactured food to find out EXACTLY what you are feeding your loyal companion.

There are enormous advantages to feeding kibble – I myself have fed kibble. If you choose to feed kibble choose a highly rated kibble to ensure that your dog is receiving the best nutrition possible. Often the cost of feeding a superior kibble is only a small percentage more that the less desirable kibbles.

There are two online dog-food-review sites that I recommend you use to see how your dog food is rated:

There are also “alternative” manufactured dog foods available in your local pet store (not a big chain though). We currently feed our boys “TheHonest Kitchen” Force variety. THK is a dried food (ground up) that you rehydrate with water. I wont lie, we chose Force because it was the cheapest of THK’s grain feed varieties. The boys absolutely LOVE this food. 

As the protein in THK Force is only 21%, I also supplement with Dried-N-Alive – all 4 varieties – when Indie is looking a little underweight or both dogs have been training especially hard. I also use it as a training treat for both dogs. They go ga-ga for this food! I highly recommend it for anyone doing recall training!

So, what made me choose these foods? Whole muscle meats are the first ingredient. Quality fruits and vegetables. I can also pronounce and identify all the ingredients. I also like the idea of feeding a food with a higher water content as I am not convinced that Travis drinks enough water. THK must be rehyrated but DNA can be fed dry or rehydrated.

Our dogs are our life-long companions, we owe it to them to feed them the best food we can find and afford. I’ll never judge you or anyone for choosing what you feed your dog – it is your right. I do however want you to make the best choices for them. Educate yourself, read online reviews and visit your neighbourhood pet store for more information. I guarantee you’ll be surprised by what you learn.

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