Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Merry Christmas!!

From our family to yours, wishing you the very best this holiday season.

Friday, June 7, 2013

2013 Regionals Warm-up!

It's still raining, go figure. The agility fields held up remarkably well given that the rain had not let up all day. I must keep in mind however that this only Friday and there are still two days of big competition to come.

There are four sanctioned events today - master standard, jumper, gambler and steeplechase. I saw today as a warm-up for the weekend so I only entered the boys in two events each - both jumpers and steeplechase.

Jumpers was up first - sorry no course map. The course looked easy enough, but I did have my concerns....don't we always.

After jump 3 was an off course option of the yellow tunnel. Handlers using the "old" Derrett style handling often had their dogs take the off course tunnel. Handlers using K-turns or a "here-here" we much more successful.

With Indie, after the pinwheel and heading to the tunnel 8, I pushed him a bit far and he almost refused the tunnel. I was able to threadle him back in (without incurring a refusal) but that put me way behind and unable to perform the blind at the end of the tunnel as planned (see Travis' run).

There were a few bobbles with both dogs - as I opted not to run fast so as I would not slip on the wet ground and hurt myself - but nothing that jeopardized their runs. Both boys walked away with a Q on a course that only had a Q rate of 34%.

 Next up was steeplechase - sorry no course map. This course too looked really nice and was fun to run to boot! I questioned handling a little bit for the opening - I over analyze things way too much. I opted to play safe and use a rear cross so as I wouldn't have to race my dogs and risk injuring myself. While I wasn't impressed with the dogs a-frame contacts, their weaves were AMAZING!

Before you watch the video....please forgive all my cheesy video editing. I got a new video editor and wanted to play with the features. I know I went overboard but I didn't want to "throw out the video" after all the work I had done. :)

With Indie, the fast line of jumps before the 180 to the weaves put us wicked close to getting an off course. I never imagined that Indie would have kept going and head for the backside of the jump! Eeeks! I'd like to say I am proud of that call off, but in reality it shouldn't have happened - but, whatever! This course too only had a 34% Q rate.

Sunday, May 19, 2013

2013 WAO - Results for Canada!!

Here are the individual results for the WAO Canadian team members. As of today, the link to the overall team results is not working so I will update team results as soon as they are confirmed.

300 Division

 Barb Flowers and Vegas, (Coton De Tulear)
29th - Individual Agility Pentathlon - Agility 1
21st - Individual Agility Pentathlon - Jumping 1
30th - Individual Agility Pentathlon - Agility 2
36th - Individual Agility Pentathlon - Jumping 2

39th - Agility Games – Snooker
32nd - Agility Games – Gamblers
40th – Individual Games OVERALL

28th - Agility Biathlon – Jumping
31st - Agility Biathlon – Agility
23rd Individual Biathlon OVERALL

Anneli Hilton and Slice, (Papillon)

Anneli Hilton and Pint, (Papillon)

400 Division

Ann Carrington and Jazz, (Shetland Sheepdog)
40th - Agility Biathlon – Jumping
22nd - Agility Biathlon – Agility
43rd Individual Biathlon OVERALL

Nicki Gurr and Ninja, (Shetland Sheepdog)
7th - Individual Agility Pentathlon - Agility 1
17th - Individual Agility Pentathlon - Jumping 1
6th - Individual Agility Pentathlon - Agility 2
10th - Individual Agility Pentathlon - Jumping 2
13th - Individual Agility Pentathlon –Speedstakes
6th Individual OVERALL

50th - Agility Games – Snooker
15th - Agility Games – Gamblers
46TH Individual Games OVERALL

29th - Agility Biathlon – Jumping
39th - Agility Biathlon – Agility
45th Individual Biathlon OVERALL

Jessica Martin and Dice, (Shetland Sheepdog)
22nd - Individual Agility Pentathlon - Agility 1
16th - Individual Agility Pentathlon - Jumping 1
5th - Individual Agility Pentathlon - Agility 2
36th - Individual Agility Pentathlon - Jumping 2
3rd - Agility Games – Snooker
7th - Agility Games – Gamblers
5TH Individual Games OVERALL

40th - Agility Biathlon – Jumping
4th - Agility Biathlon – Agility
29th Individual Biathlon OVERALL

Kayl McCann and Funkee Monkee, (Cross Breed)
1st - Individual Agility Pentathlon - Agility 1                 ***GOLD***
2nd - Individual Agility Pentathlon - Jumping 1           ***SILVER***
1st - Individual Agility Pentathlon - Agility 2                 ***GOLD***
2nd - Individual Agility Pentathlon - Jumping 2           ***SILVER***
3rd - Individual Agility Pentathlon –Speedstakes        ***BRONZE***
1st Individual OVERALL                                                    ***GOLD***

2nd - Agility Games – Snooker                                        ***SILVER***
1st - Agility Games – Gamblers                                       ***GOLD***
1ST – Individual Games OVERALL                                  ***GOLD***

4th - Agility Biathlon – Jumping
1st - Agility Biathlon – Agility                                          ***GOLD***
1ST – Individual Biathlon OVERALL                               ***GOLD***

525 Division

Kim Cullen and Recess, (Border Collie)
18th - Individual Agility Pentathlon - Agility 1
21st - Individual Agility Pentathlon - Jumping 1
13th - Individual Agility Pentathlon - Agility 2
39th - Individual Agility Pentathlon - Jumping 2
7th - Agility Games – Snooker
6th - Agility Games – Gamblers
3RD Individual Games OVERALL                                    ***BRONZE***

26th - Agility Biathlon – Jumping
10th - Agility Biathlon – Agility
10th Individual Biathlon OVERALL

Kayl McCann and Slyce, (Border Collie)
48th - Individual Agility Pentathlon - Agility 1
5th - Individual Agility Pentathlon - Jumping 1
20th - Individual Agility Pentathlon - Agility 2
5th - Individual Agility Pentathlon - Jumping 2

6th - Agility Games – Snooker
1st - Agility Games – Gamblers                                         ***GOLD***
1ST Individual Games OVERALL                                       ***GOLD***

Meaghan O'Neill and Wynd, (Border Collie)
41st - Agility Games – Snooker
42nd - Agility Games – Gamblers
41ST Individual Games OVERALL

6th - Agility Biathlon – Jumping
31st - Agility Biathlon – Agility
17th Individual Biathlon OVERALL

Teri O'Neill and Tylt, (Border Collie)
4th - Individual Agility Pentathlon - Agility 1
49th - Individual Agility Pentathlon - Jumping 1
31st - Individual Agility Pentathlon - Agility 2
2nd - Individual Agility Pentathlon - Jumping 2                  ***SILVER***

4th - Agility Biathlon – Jumping
1st - Agility Biathlon – Agility                                                 ***GOLD***
1st - Individual Biathlon OVERALL                                       ***GOLD***

Tiffany Salmon and Chill, (Border Collie)
48th - Individual Agility Pentathlon - Agility 1
32nd - Individual Agility Pentathlon - Jumping 1
14th - Individual Agility Pentathlon - Agility 2
16th - Individual Agility Pentathlon - Jumping 2

650 Division

Susan Garrett and Feature, (Border Collie)
25th - Individual Agility Pentathlon - Agility 1
26th - Individual Agility Pentathlon - Jumping 1
4th - Individual Agility Pentathlon - Agility 2
1st - Individual Agility Pentathlon - Jumping 2                              ***GOLD***
1st - Individual Agility Pentathlon –Speedstakes                          ***GOLD***
3rd Individual OVERALL click here to watch her 5 runs            ***BRONZE***

3rd - Agility Games – Snooker                                                        ***BRONZE***
1st - Agility Games – Gamblers                                                       ***GOLD***
1ST Individual Games OVERALL                                                     ***GOLD***

16th - Agility Biathlon – Jumping
13th - Agility Biathlon – Agility
12th – Individual Biathlon OVERALL

Stephan Henry and Bullitt, (Border Collie)
25th - Agility Games – Snooker
10th - Agility Games – Gamblers
8TH Individual Games OVERALL

35th - Agility Biathlon – Jumping
36th - Agility Biathlon – Agility
46th – Individual Biathlon OVERALL

Mark Herfert and Fynn, (Belgian Shepherd Dog, Malinois)
31st - Individual Agility Pentathlon - Agility 1
27th - Individual Agility Pentathlon - Jumping 1
18th - Individual Agility Pentathlon - Agility 2
18th - Individual Agility Pentathlon - Jumping 2
8th - Individual Agility Pentathlon –Speedstakes
13th Individual OVERALL 

43rd - Agility Games – Snooker
45th - Agility Games – Gamblers
48th Individual Games OVERALL

Rebecca McKay and Rush, (Border Collie)
8th - Agility Biathlon – Jumping
28th - Agility Biathlon – Agility
13th – Individual Biathlon OVERALL

Anji McKelvie and Ketcher, (Golden Retriever)
19th - Individual Agility Pentathlon - Agility 1
31st - Individual Agility Pentathlon - Jumping 1
35th - Individual Agility Pentathlon - Agility 2
24th - Individual Agility Pentathlon - Jumping 2

20th - Agility Games – Snooker
14th - Agility Games – Gamblers
10TH Individual Games OVERALL

Jessica Patterson and Trix, (Border Collie)
6th - Individual Agility Pentathlon - Agility 1
2nd - Individual Agility Pentathlon - Jumping 1                      ***SILVER***
39th - Individual Agility Pentathlon - Agility 2
6th - Individual Agility Pentathlon - Jumping 2

35th - Agility Biathlon – Jumping
25th - Agility Biathlon – Agility
40th – Individual Biathlon OVERALL

Podium Wildcard

Lynda Orton-Hill and Favor (Shetland Sheepdog)
21ST - Individual Agility Pentathlon - Agility 1
30TH - Individual Agility Pentathlon - Jumping 1
3RD - Individual Agility Pentathlon - Agility 2                            ***BRONZE***
36TH - Individual Agility Pentathlon - Jumping 2

43rd - Agility Games – Snooker
45th - Agility Games – Gamblers
48th Individual Games OVERALL

34th - Agility Biathlon – Jumping
26th - Agility Biathlon – Agility
21st Individual Biathlon OVERALL

WAO 2013 - Day 3 (AM)

Last day of the 2013 WAO and today had many competitors pushing hard in an attempt to move up in the standings. As the saying goes, go big or go home.

Saturday, May 18, 2013

WAO 2013 - Day 2 (PM)

What a great afternoon! Many European teams were competing in their very first Gamblers event ever!! Love the idea of having one of two end gambles to choose from.

WAO 2013 - Day 2 (AM)

Wow what a spectacular morning of agility! These are awesome courses and I cannot wait to set them up at home and give them a try.

Friday, May 17, 2013

WAO 2013 - Day 1 (PM)

Day 1 afternoon events are over and Canada is looking spectacular! Here are the course maps and links to the results! Hope you are all enjoying following the events as much as I am!


WAO 2013 - Day 1 (AM)

Day 1 morning events of the World Agility Organization are a wrap and Canada is doing amazingly well so far!! I have included a copy of each of the course maps as well as a link to the results so you can check out how Canada is doing!



Wednesday, April 3, 2013

New Branding

My blog is changing direction....stay tuned.

Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Hit-it Board by

I ordered a hit-it board last week because I want to train my two dogs to do a running contact in addition to a stopped contact.

I'm a logical thinking person, and after much research the box method by Rachel Sanders seemed like the most logical choice.

However the "problem" with her method is that it relies on a large target that needs to be faded and it relies on accurat "clicks" when the dog performs correctly. I'm not afraid to admit that accuracy is not one of my top 100 abilities.

So I needed a tool thay was accurate, in comes the "Hit-it Board" by (a division of PetMinders Inc).

Since I live in Canada,  finding agility products locally is tough at best. More often then not I order fron US based companies because they have better prices and cheaper shipping - even when taking in to account any duty I will have to pay.

Both and Clean Run carry the product at the same price. However Clean Runs shipping was significantly cheaper, so I went with them.

It took only 6 days for my package to arrive.

At first glance the quality and design impressed me. However, the battery box rattles so I am assuming the battery is loose in there but I have yet to open it up to check (too many screws).

Regardless the unit works. It came with some basic instrictions on how to train the dog to use it and how to build up to getting performance on the contacts. I had to read the instructions a few times to understand some of the steps as the wording isn't the best.

As I have two sound reative dogs and this unit sounds remarkably like my fire alarm I had to counter condition the beep before we could start any training.

I will start training a foot target tonight and post a video of our progress soon.

So, in summay, I am initially impressed with the unit but time will tell if it holds up with wear-and-tear.

Sunday, February 3, 2013

Master Jumper @ AARF

I'm exhaused.

This is why I don't do day long trials - three events is enough for me.

Both dogs were in this event. Indie was up first and ran great except he ran around the entire jump when I did a push behind on an early jump. I know this is a trouble area for us so it's on my todo training list. Even with the refusal he was 4.03yps.

Travis was awesome and earned us our only Q of the weekend. His fastest ever MJ at 4.3yps.
I lost the course map but it was a tricky one. Ill see if I can remember it and post a picture later

Master Standard @ AARF

Well that was unexpected.

Travis caught a glimps of a ring crew member sitting in the corner aftwr taking jump #6 and that was it. He froze wouldn't move.

I picked him up and lined him up for the a-frame but he just kept turning around and stared.
Luckily this is as freaked out as Travis gets but he was freaked none the less. We left the ring - no point making him do something when he isn't feeling it. 

Hopefully he forgets this by the next event.

Master Gamblers @ AARF

Decided to give MG a try. Indie works great at a distance but we still haven't master the 180 degree flip away. I tried to manipulate the correct turn to the teeter by sending Indie in to the tunnel on my right and calling him hoping he'd turn left. He didn't. He rurned right, came back towards me and back in the tunnel before I could react.

We only got 30 very safe points in the opening but Indie ran fast hard and accurate. He's a good boy.

Saturday, February 2, 2013

Master Standard @ AARF

This is Travis' first Master Standard agility event of 2013 at Absolute Agility (AARF).
We had a refusal on the weave poles and an incorrect entry too. A few wide turns on the wraps but otherwise it was fun. Travis really enjoyed himself on this course.

Advanced Standard @ AARF

After a long winter with no practice Indie ran in his first Advanced Standard agility event of 2013 at Absolute Agility (AARF).
Not practicing means you should expect a crappy performance and that's exactly what I got. Don't get me wrong, it is all my fault and I shoulder 100% of the blame.
As usual Indie enjoyed himself thoroughly and blazed around the course like a kid hopped up on redbull and candy.
Everything was going well until the off course out of 5. Instead of turning to go over 6 he blasted ahead in to the next tunnel ahead.
Otherwise he was spectacular!

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Back in the Swing of Things

This weekend we were back in the classroom, wearing lots of different hats. Winter training didn't go as planned. My dogs did nothing because I did nothing. Well that is not true - I did everything but dog training.

Indie and I are in advanced obedience classes. The hope is not to crash and burn during our first rally-o trial that we are attending in 4 very short weeks. Travis is entered too, but I just train him at home because Indie needs the stranger danger factor added to his training.

I'm teaching a few group agility classes. I find teaching a lot of fun but I am struggling a little with keeping the keener students in check. Perhaps this is normal but its stressing me out none the less. Someone is always raising their jump bars too high or twisting the flex tunnel into a pretzle and pushing their dog in to it.

I'll be taking on some puppy obedience classes too in the near future. Perhaps they will be easier to manage since its hard to damage your dog by asking him to sit. I'm also taking some classes that will hopefully help me become a better dog trainer. Its what I want to do with my life so I better start hitting the books - some are still in the mail. 

 My life is rapidly changing and things are going in a direction I never anticipated. Unexpectedly my own dogs training is suffering. Guess I'll have to start getting back up at 5am to squeeze in some training. I can't wait for spring....

Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Jessica Martin Seminar at The Summit

I signed up for Jessicas second seminar months ago because I enjoyed the first one so much. I really enjoy her approach to teaching handlers and her personality is one that meshes well with mine - something of a rarity.

To everyone's surprise Jessica, a devout follower of the Derrett handling system,switched to the European handling style just 4 weeks ago. I don't think about handlers at the seminar were prepared for that shock.

None the less I am open to new learning opportunities and will embrace them if they work for both me and my dogs.

Jessica showed us her take on European handling which really isn't all that different from the Derrett system - it is more of a blend between the two. There is no crazy running backwards - seeing as I can't run well forwards that's a good thing - and still lots of body motion and position to get dogs around the course, the changes are more in the fluidity of the handling and timing is less important.

There are 4 key verbal cues - supported by body motion and/or position - that the dog must learn to be successful around the course:

1) a verbal cue to take a jump but turn back towards the handler,
2) a verbal cue to take the backside of a jump,
3) a verbal cue to come in to the handler, and not taking an obvious obstacle,
4) a verbal cue to threadle an obstacle.

These are all things that the Derret system uses body position in relation to the dog and obstacle to get the dog around the course. Jessicas new style relies more on those verbal cues to get the handler ahead of the dog. This way agility becomes a game of chase that the dogs are playing with the handler. This means more speed from the dog and easier handling for the handlers - especially the slower ones.

I have already had success with both dogs and am getting amazingly tight turns and incredible speed - especially out of Travis!

I know there are many local handlers and trainers out there against the European handling style. All I can say is that we should all do what works for us and works for our dogs. One is not better than the other and there is simply no denying that both work.

Great minds discuss ideas, average minds discuss events, small minds discuss people. - Eleanor Roosevelt

New Years Resolutions

I decided to make some resolutions this year. The boys decided to follow suit as well. So here they are...


1) No more caffeine. I've broken this one already,  but I swear it is the last one!

2) No more artificial sweeteners.  I've read loss of nasty stuff about them and I vow to keep them out of my diet as much as humanly possible. Again I have already broken this one but I swear it is the last!

3) Exercise, purposefully,  at least 3 days a week. Gym membership will finally come in handy for something other than making it easily to locate my car keys.

4) Keep active during the evenings instead of "relaxing". By "relaxing" I mean parking my very round rear end on the couch for an inexcusable amount of time each night.

5) Asleep by 10:30 each night. Should make mornings easier and help avoid snoozing the alarm clock 25 times before rolling out of bed 20 minutes before having to leave for work. Will also eliminate bad hair days. 

6) Train my dogs more often and with purpose. They can now change and take out the garbage but they can't heel worth a darn.

7) "Cure" Indie's fear of people. We know we can't really cure this, I'm not sure I really want to as it keeps people away. Indie and I are not people people/dog.

8) Learn how to use my new sowing machine. I wanted one and I got one and now it must earn its keep... or at least I do.

9) Use my new sowing machine for good,  not evil.


1) Eat less snow.

2) If I fail at #1, then I will make a better effort not to barf afterwards.

3) I will bring the ball back after Mom or Dad throws it,  instead of just chasing it.

4) I'll make a better effort to hold my contacts during trials instead of making Mom look like a fool.

5) I will stop hoovering treats out of people's hands. It's rude and a little frightening.

6) Eat less cat poop.

7) If I fail at #6, then at least be less obvious about it.


1) Bark less at things that aren't even there. I know they aren't there but I like the treats that Mom and Dad offer afterwards. Can we saw "whiped".

2) Really bark less at things that are there. Intruder alert! Intruder alert!

3) Stop encouraging Travis to eat cat poop. It's just so funny!

4) Make nice with weave poles #10 and #11. They do not bite!

5) Acknowledge that heeling is not a foot race with Mom. You snooze you lose.

6) Stop chasing the cats.

7) When I fail at #6, at least stop putting their heads in my mouth. No one likes to pet a wet kitty.

8) Stop trying to jump into the car crates when the door is still closed. This just makes everyone look dumb.

9) Acknowledge that only getting in to my own crate - not just the closest one - gets me a cookie. Being in the same crate as Travis, at the same time, does not earn bonus cookies for style.

10) Stop overreacting to the following things/actions: the gas stove, the hood fan, the oven,  the dish washer,  the breadmaker, the Magic Bullet, burning candles,  doorbells, doorbells on TV, imaginary doorbells, doors opening, doors closing, imaginary doors opening and closing,  children I can hear but not see,  joggers,  garbage trucks, the wind,  vacuum cleaner, dust rags,  tin foil, hair dryer, car exhaust, motor cyclists following behind our car, white dogs that resemble sheep...