Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Back in the Swing of Things

This weekend we were back in the classroom, wearing lots of different hats. Winter training didn't go as planned. My dogs did nothing because I did nothing. Well that is not true - I did everything but dog training.

Indie and I are in advanced obedience classes. The hope is not to crash and burn during our first rally-o trial that we are attending in 4 very short weeks. Travis is entered too, but I just train him at home because Indie needs the stranger danger factor added to his training.

I'm teaching a few group agility classes. I find teaching a lot of fun but I am struggling a little with keeping the keener students in check. Perhaps this is normal but its stressing me out none the less. Someone is always raising their jump bars too high or twisting the flex tunnel into a pretzle and pushing their dog in to it.

I'll be taking on some puppy obedience classes too in the near future. Perhaps they will be easier to manage since its hard to damage your dog by asking him to sit. I'm also taking some classes that will hopefully help me become a better dog trainer. Its what I want to do with my life so I better start hitting the books - some are still in the mail. 

 My life is rapidly changing and things are going in a direction I never anticipated. Unexpectedly my own dogs training is suffering. Guess I'll have to start getting back up at 5am to squeeze in some training. I can't wait for spring....

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