Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Hit-it Board by

I ordered a hit-it board last week because I want to train my two dogs to do a running contact in addition to a stopped contact.

I'm a logical thinking person, and after much research the box method by Rachel Sanders seemed like the most logical choice.

However the "problem" with her method is that it relies on a large target that needs to be faded and it relies on accurat "clicks" when the dog performs correctly. I'm not afraid to admit that accuracy is not one of my top 100 abilities.

So I needed a tool thay was accurate, in comes the "Hit-it Board" by (a division of PetMinders Inc).

Since I live in Canada,  finding agility products locally is tough at best. More often then not I order fron US based companies because they have better prices and cheaper shipping - even when taking in to account any duty I will have to pay.

Both and Clean Run carry the product at the same price. However Clean Runs shipping was significantly cheaper, so I went with them.

It took only 6 days for my package to arrive.

At first glance the quality and design impressed me. However, the battery box rattles so I am assuming the battery is loose in there but I have yet to open it up to check (too many screws).

Regardless the unit works. It came with some basic instrictions on how to train the dog to use it and how to build up to getting performance on the contacts. I had to read the instructions a few times to understand some of the steps as the wording isn't the best.

As I have two sound reative dogs and this unit sounds remarkably like my fire alarm I had to counter condition the beep before we could start any training.

I will start training a foot target tonight and post a video of our progress soon.

So, in summay, I am initially impressed with the unit but time will tell if it holds up with wear-and-tear.

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