Friday, June 7, 2013

2013 Regionals Warm-up!

It's still raining, go figure. The agility fields held up remarkably well given that the rain had not let up all day. I must keep in mind however that this only Friday and there are still two days of big competition to come.

There are four sanctioned events today - master standard, jumper, gambler and steeplechase. I saw today as a warm-up for the weekend so I only entered the boys in two events each - both jumpers and steeplechase.

Jumpers was up first - sorry no course map. The course looked easy enough, but I did have my concerns....don't we always.

After jump 3 was an off course option of the yellow tunnel. Handlers using the "old" Derrett style handling often had their dogs take the off course tunnel. Handlers using K-turns or a "here-here" we much more successful.

With Indie, after the pinwheel and heading to the tunnel 8, I pushed him a bit far and he almost refused the tunnel. I was able to threadle him back in (without incurring a refusal) but that put me way behind and unable to perform the blind at the end of the tunnel as planned (see Travis' run).

There were a few bobbles with both dogs - as I opted not to run fast so as I would not slip on the wet ground and hurt myself - but nothing that jeopardized their runs. Both boys walked away with a Q on a course that only had a Q rate of 34%.

 Next up was steeplechase - sorry no course map. This course too looked really nice and was fun to run to boot! I questioned handling a little bit for the opening - I over analyze things way too much. I opted to play safe and use a rear cross so as I wouldn't have to race my dogs and risk injuring myself. While I wasn't impressed with the dogs a-frame contacts, their weaves were AMAZING!

Before you watch the video....please forgive all my cheesy video editing. I got a new video editor and wanted to play with the features. I know I went overboard but I didn't want to "throw out the video" after all the work I had done. :)

With Indie, the fast line of jumps before the 180 to the weaves put us wicked close to getting an off course. I never imagined that Indie would have kept going and head for the backside of the jump! Eeeks! I'd like to say I am proud of that call off, but in reality it shouldn't have happened - but, whatever! This course too only had a 34% Q rate.

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