Friday, January 3, 2014

Are Nerves Good or Bad?

We have our first trial of the New Year coming up this weekend. I do usually get nervous the morning of -or maybe it is excitement - but I am nervous already. Today is Friday and we don't trial until Sunday. I am not sure I can physically survive two full days of feeling like this.

I suspect I feel this way because - as much as I hate to "say it out loud" - this is a possible title weekend for Indie. We need just one more advanced standard Q for his AADC title. You only need three advanced standard Q's for this title and for us they have been far and few between. Our Achilles heel has been off courses and weave pole entries. He is just so much dog - and I the slown minded handler - and when we are out on course my mind simply can't keep up to his pace. I feel like he is always one step ahead of me.

Out first advanced standard Q was in September 2012 and our second was a year later in September 2013. I really hope this isn't a pattern.

We have 2 advanced standard this weekend, but unfortunately they are first 2 events. Indie does better with when he already has a few events under his collar. His arousal level comes down and he focuses better. I have started running an FEO event before most of his runs as a warm-up but at this trail it just wasn't an option.

I guess the good in all of this is that this little dog is so amazing. Even when we do screw up I cant help but love him even more. He is so honest and he simply loves to work. There isn't anything this little dog wouldn't do for me.

I feel better now. "Win or lose" we are going to have fun this weekend. I love this sport.

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