Monday, November 24, 2014

What's so scary...?

I read a Facebook post this morning that was essentially about wanting to see more technical handling on North American agility courses. I read all of the comments, and the field is pretty divided. The comments got a little side tracked, and it ended up about whether or not people had the time, money and resources to actually train more technical handling. Pretty much – if I don’t have (blank) then I cannot be successful on technical agility courses.

That got me thinking – and I think that is a lot of crock. Why? Because if you have the (blank) to teach your dog how to front side of a jump, then you have the (blank) to teach him the backside.

What I think it really comes down to is two things…

1)      People are scared of what they don’t know. Techincal handling looks challenging, so it is scary. But why is it scary…?
2)      I think techincal handling is scary because people have failed to have their dogs master obstacles.

Why would anyone want to even attempt more scary techinical hadling if they have to worry about weave entries, contact performances, teeter flyoffs, or keeping bars up?

Techincal handling isn’t scary – in itself. But, when a handler has obstacle performance to worry about why on earth would they want to compound themselves with the training of more techincal handling. We can only manage so many scary things on our plates at one time. I completely understand wanting just to get around a course without any missed contacts, and nailing a weave entry. That in itself is enough of a challenge for most.

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