Wednesday, December 30, 2015


Goodbye Travis,

People are telling me to remember all the good things about you, and all the joy you brought to our lives. I’ll admit, that is hard to do.

The anger and sadness are overwhelming. I am either empty and void of all emotions, or completely consumed by them.

Right this moment I am feeling angry. Angry because a perfect, joyful soul – who did no wrong to anyone or anything – has been taken from this earth.

I want to believe in heaven, or as they tale goes Rainbow Bridge, but alas I do not believe. Perhaps if I did then I could rest easier in knowing that you are in a happy place. Instead I am just angry that you are gone.


Gone are the endless hours of grooming your beautiful coat – a chore that I enjoyed sharing with you very much.

Gone are the strolls in places familiar and new – exploring forests and beaches.

Gone are the moments that I can look in to your eyes and see nothing but joy and happiness – this possibly I will miss the most.

People were sucked in by your outer beauty, but they stayed because of your inner beauty.

I am not sure I have any regrets – I will take this a good sign. We did great things together – exciting things; all this despite your love for living life in the slow lane.

You were wise; an “old soul” as many would say. You were an easy going guy; never in much of a rush to do anything – I believe now this was because you were enjoying the journey of the everyday. Not wanting to let a single moment pass you by without relishing it. Perhaps you knew you would leave this earth too early. Is this your lesson for me?
My heart is broken. I miss you. I want you back more than anything.

It all happened too fast. I am not ready for a life without you.

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