Friday, December 18, 2015


I haven’t been doing any agility training. I just bring myself to, or perhaps I am just too sad to be involved with it.

All I can think about is Travis, and him being sick. It weighs on my heart – heavy.

We met with a hospice vet yesterday and she gave us this “Quality of Life” questionnaire to fill out. If the dog scores over 35, then their quality of life is deemed “good enough not to consider euthanasia at this time”. This thing is stupid. My dog can’t breath and I feel horrible keeping him – even though he scores well over 35.

What a horrible way to die – I feel guilty. I know he is being strong, because that is the kind of dog Travis is. He has to be in more pain and discomfort than he is telling us - I can feel it.

I read that no one has ever said they put their sick dog down “too soon”, but plenty of people have said they waited “too long”.

I can’t help but feel as though a week too early is better than a week too late. But how do you end a dogs life as he smiles while staring in to your eyes?

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  1. In the Cancer Cancer group, they always said better one day too soon then one day too late. For me, it was Ceilidh's eyes, they had gone dull and blank, kind of hopeless; that was what told me it was time. When you make the decision, it will be you that will be pain, Travis will then soon be free of any pain.