Friday, January 1, 2016

First Practice of 2016

Hauled my butt to the training hall to work on some agility foundations with Vixen, and some running contacts with Indie.

First, Vixen is a beast. She is cuckoo-bananas fun to work with. Decided to work some recall exercises and a bit on her "go" ahead cue. Not to brag, but she has a FAST "go" to well over 100' now. AWESOME!

We are suppose to be working on impulse control on the tunnel. However, Vixen doesn't have a reliable sit or down yet (priorities much) so there was not much impulse controlling. So, we worked on putting it on a reliable verbal cue. We had a few good reps, but then we hit a iceberg. I'll admit, I laughed uncontrollably (as did Eric) because it was fun to get a glimpse of things to come.

I cued 'tunnel' and away she went. My cookie toss was a little off, so she didn't see it. So this was her thought process... "No cookie? Tunnel AGAIN!....No cookie? Tunnel AGAIN!...No cookie? Tunnel AGAIN!...No cookie? Tunnel AGAIN!....No cookie? Tunnel AGAIN!...No cookie? Tunnel AGAIN!...No cookie? Tunnel AGAIN!....No cookie? Tunnel AGAIN!...No cookie? Tunnel AGAIN!......No cookie? Tunnel AGAIN!....No cookie? Tunnel AGAIN!..."

We were paralyzed with laughter! She was stuck in endless loops of trying to earn a cookie....and by George she was going to get that tunnel right even if it took all night. She is going to be so much fun!

Tonight was the first night back on cones about 5 weeks. Fortunately we picked up right where we left off. I am in no rush because after Flat Work comes Blueprint and we are still many months away from jump sequences. In fact it will be September 2016 before she is ready for jumping sequences. Doing things right with this baby!

Indie and I worked on distance handling. After I put Vixen away (I believe she is actually a Malinois mixed with a Border Collie) Indie could actually HEAR me give him verbal cues. She is crazy loud when she is mad. Car crating for this little minx for sure!

He rocked his sequences so we moved on to his running contacts. I've been messing around with about 4 different methods with him for about 6 months. I think I have finally settled on stride regulators. Is it the best method for teaching from the ground up? I don't know. However, I feel from a retraining standpoint it is what will work best for Indie.

In our RC lesson, I discovered that our tunnel sends and threadles sucked, so we worked on that for a bit too. It is always something isn't it.

No pictures and no video because I was in my PJ's. :-P

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