Saturday, January 30, 2016

Puppy Bumps

Had a super fun puppy agility class with Vixen today! During the week we struggled with her cone work at our training hall, but during class she rocked it! Whenever I experience two very different results of an exercise, it is usually due to a factor outside the dogs own “understanding” of an exercise. For this, I expect it was due to the flooring.

The matting at our training hall is very slippery; the matting at The Training Hall has a texture to it which almost completely eliminates the slipping. It is such good matting that I can ever do weaving exercises with Indie on it.

Today we also bumped up the “fun” on the two crate game we have been playing. The two crate game is fairly simple; teach your dog to power from one crate to another, on a straight line. It is a great game for building a reliable start line stay, and also for teaching your dog to focus forward (on their line). It also gives the handler and opportunity to practice leading out laterally – your dog should focus forward no matter how close or far away you are.

Since Vixen was easily running 20’ between crates, we threw in a winged jump with a jump bump. Her first jump was super cute and very puppy like.

We did maybe 10 more reps of this and I could tell it was beginning to make her tired so we put it away for the day.

I love this little dog.

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