Monday, January 11, 2016

Winter Wonderland

Indie and I went to our first trial of 2016 this weekend (Eric and Vixen came for the ride too) hosted by the Montréal Agility Club! The hold the event a giant indoor soccer arena in Saint-Eustache. I planned for four runs Friday, and four runs early Saturday, so I could still get home at a reasonable hour and still enjoy the weekend. Plus I had to teach on Sunday at Best Friends.

Indie has never run particularly well at this venue, and I have yet to determine why. This weekend was no different. While he absolutely gave me his all, little things just didn’t come together. I don’t do many rear crosses in my handling anymore, but I did have to do a few this weekend. This is where we lost 2 Q’s. Indie was like “HEY! What are you doing!” So clearly we need to go back to the fundamentals of rear crosses again. There is always something.

This was also the first weekend of running aframe in competition. He had 3 great a-frames, and one icky one (he jumped off from high in the yellow), so that is coming along well. There is still plenty to practice on the running frame – most notably would be hard turns off of it.

So we left the weekend with 2 Jumpers Q’s, but only one video to share – where heck was my videographer all weekend?!? At the start the dogs had to jump the tire and directly in their line of sight was a huge patch of bright light. I believe this why he broke the tire (no fault) – hard to judge all aspects of the obstacle when looking directly into a patch of light.

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