Saturday, January 2, 2016

Say Cheese

No formal training today. I was however reminded that leaving my shoes laying around is no longer a privilege I am allowed to take advantage of. People training of the highest caliber.

Eric escorted Indie and I to see Carrie at her new clinic - Kemptville Canine Centre. His left tricep is a little sore..."agility pit" as it so described. Carrie was able to do some deep muscle manipulation...which of course made Indie melt in to the floor. A few IMS jabs and some laser too for good measure.

No need for any reduction in activity, however I have to do much more stretching. Indie has his first competition of the New Year next weekend. Very excited to run him at 10" in competition for the first time. I've made sure to pre-pack my fastest agility shoes.

Vixen has been blessed with one of those hard cheese chews. Indie keeps steeling it...much to her chagrin....

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