Friday, February 19, 2016

Busy Little Bee on the Internet

I have posted nothing because I have done nothing. I’m not kidding. It has to be close to two weeks since I have done any dog training at all.

“Life”…it gets in the way sometimes. Since I have cut back on my part-time duties as a dog trainer (for both myself and for Best Friends) I have felt a little…"isolated”. Too many hours alone - too many hours replacing wholesome social interaction with social media.

I’ve been wanting to get move involved with national/international “dog organizations” for a while. Volunteer jobs often come up with the CKC, and occasionally with the AAC as well. Nothing has tickled my fancy (as they say) until a few weeks ago. UKI Canada (of parent UKA International) posted looking for a volunteer web administrator. Immediately that felt like it would be right up my alley. I’m creative and rather web savvy, I’m also dependable. So I applied. Now, I may very well have been the only applicant, but I was given the job. I didn’t want the fact that I was possibly be the only choice be discouraging to the UKI Canada Reps, so I dove right in and gave it everything I could.

Over the past week I have put in about 24 hours of work, and things look pretty spiffy. At least I think anyways – nobody has given any negative comments anyway…so I’ll assume all is good.

So now that the bulk of the work on the UKI Canada website is done, I can start getting back on my own dog training. Wait. Scratch that.

Tonight I am rubberizing the dog walk at Best Friends. I have a few more friends to help out this time so hopefully things will go swimmingly. Tomorrow I have two half day workshops with BOBBI LYONS!! The morning will be Vixen, the afternoon will be Indie. Should be a blast!

So Sunday, Sunday will be dog training!

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