Thursday, March 31, 2016

But I Don't Want To!

I appear to have lost my passion for competing in agility. I still go to classes, and I still train skills daily…but I don’t want to go to competitions.

I had a competition I was suppose to go to in early March, but didn’t end up going because “I wasn’t up for it”…I really wasn’t. Now, UKI East Spring Cup is this weekend…and I don’t really want to go.

Competing almost seems like a hassle now. The long drive. The packing and unpacking. The waiting…oh GOD the waiting! And it is suppose to be cold this weekend….with rain and drizzle, and snow. Ugh.

Competing use to be fun….but I don’t think it is anymore. I’m guessing in some way I have changed. Or did competition change?

Is this Travis induced? Or is it Indie? Am I worried about his physical health? Or maybe I feel like we have reached the top of our game and there isn’t anything left to…."prove"? Or is it just more of the "same old" and just really boring now.

I don’t know. I don’t want to go. I probably will. But I don’t want to…..

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