Sunday, April 24, 2016

Cart Before the Horse

So the house isn’t ours yet, but I continue to be optimistic that it will be. When I’m happy I want to shop. Actually, when I am sad I want to shop too….

Eric and I real simply folks. We don’t like clutter, we don’t like knicknacks, we don’t like “stuff”. Now, that doesn’t mean we don’t have those things, but they are minimal. Living in a townhouse we don’t have much space for “extras”. Recently we even ditched the kitchen table in favour of converting it to a “doggy den” and grooming area.

The new house has a plethora of space. Consequently I feel compelled to “fill it”. Since I don’t have stuff with which to “fill it” I must go shopping. I don’t buy expensive furniture – having animals means it will just get ruined anyway. I feel much less resentment seeing scratches on my $800 basement sofa than my $5000 living room set (never, never again). So an Ikea shopping trip was in order.

We bought a huge new dining table and a truck load of chairs to accompany it. Also, finally got a bed frame four our guest bed (it was discounted twice…awesome!). Lastly was a new TV stand. We currently have out TV mounted to the wall, however the new house has concrete walls, so nothing substantial can be mounted to the exterior walls without significant work and damage.

We didn’t have the intention of actually assembling anything until after the move (everything is already in boxes; but the TV stand changed that plan. Most IKEA stuff has all the part ina box or two, and the instructions are pretty easy to follow. However, this TV stand was a mix and match of parts. In fact, there were 18 different “parts” that had to be purchased and the Frankenstein’d together; never again.

I kid you not….I opened one package for the stands legs and the instructions were literally “use these parts” and then throw “these parts” in the trash! Really?! Why would you put parts in package if you are literally going to tell me to throw them away?!

The big parts for the stand were damaged and didn’t include all the parts (it didn’t look like a return) so we had to make a second trip back to do an exchange. Three hours later, the grey cat was finally able to claim the TV stand hers.

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