Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Cutting the Cord….is Hard!

Social media has killed good manners, and decency. I hate it.

I wish I could just delete Facebook, Twitter, etc….unfortunately social media is now the “go to” source of communication and networking. So as much as I wish I could ditch it, I really can’t. So I have cleaned house. A clean house is a happy house.

I deleted all but ACTUAL friends and necessary business contacts. I will be careful going forward who I allow in – very careful. Pretty sure there will be an application form and credit check.

It isn’t so much about “who” I let in, but more about who gets in because of who I let in. That is the way social media works. Friends of friends of friends get in….that is scary.

I will likely have made some people angry – “unfriending” is looked up on as an offensive action. It really shouldn’t be taken that way. Simply, if we aren’t friends (defined as we do things in real life, share stories, confide in each other) or connected directly for business reasons, you are out - people who are out really shouldn't be surprised...if they really think about it.

No casual acquaintances, no friends-of-friends, no we can't be friends because of a mutual “like”.


If you don’t directly bring value, no entry.

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