Saturday, April 23, 2016

Vixen Making Moves

Had fun little class with Vixen today, one hour at The Training Hall, with Christine running the show….we are all counting down the days until we get to have class OUTSIDE!!

Three stations to work…

First, plank work with nose targets. We suck, mostly because I haven’t trained it, like, at all. Now that Rally is on the back burner we can get that back on track.

Second was shaping the tire. The easy stuff was….easy. The testing the understanding resulted in some fabulous failures. It won’t be the last time I say it…FAILURES ARE AESOME!! When we get failures, we also get the opportunity to help our dog understand how to be correct.

I am truly of the mind set now that without training with failure (purposeful exercises set up for the dog to fail, but then also be correct) the dog truly doesn’t understand our expectations.

Vixen had some real thinking moments. When withdrawing reinforcement, she really took a step back and went “what the @#$%!”, then you could see the lightbulb go off! “Oh…I have to do ‘this’ to get reinforcement!” Brilliant!

Last station was some one jump exercises. Super fun. We worked on our backside “sends” and slowly started to introduce “serps” through placement of reinforcement. I’ve started to see that Vixen is not a tight turner, she is a flanker for sure. I know she’ll get it though. It was so much fun working with her on this, that as soon as we got home we headed out back to “the patch” to work on it some more.

Super fun girlie. :)

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