Sunday, May 1, 2016

Call me Farmer John

The house is ours!!

What an ordeal! I’m NEVER buying a resale home again.  

I’m dreaming already about all the things this property can become. That is the great thing about it….it can become whatever we want it to be.

I have a few wild dreams, and a few more realistic ones.

One thing for sure, is we want to want to grow our own food. I have already rented chickens….yes, RENTED chickens. We aren’t sure we will want to invest in chickens, only to find out we hate having them. Renting gives us the opportunity to say “thanks you, but no thank you” and send the feathered beast’s home in October. If we like the experience, we will start own flock next spring.

We also want a small “orchard”. There are lots of fruit and nuts that can grow in Ontario, so we may as well have a few. We want more of a variety, that quantity of one.

I think a garden is a given. We can have a huge one, and plant anything we like. This house also has a cold storage, so that will be a great bonus.

With a garden, and orchard, comes pollination. Who better to pollinate than bees! I’m just in the research phase, but it seems like bees will be trickier than chickens. That may have to be put off for a year or two.

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