Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Les Valentines - Oh-la-la!!

Pictures by the wonderfully talented, and always patient, Erika A. Anderson.

Wednesday, February 8, 2017

First of Many, or Last of a Few

I think the blog needs an update….don’t you?

Indie had his first ultrasound treatment with cortisone gel last night. While PRP and cortisone injections don’t go good together, the gel (instead) should alleviate the impingement (scar tissue) that Dr. Gumley feels is there – this is what is causing the limp when turning right. This shouldn’t affect the PRP though. I remain stupidly optimistic.

Vixen and I are progressing more slowly in her training than I have with either of the boys…of course that may come down to the fact that I am actually training properly “from the ground up” instead of waving my hands around and hoping for magic. I’m so glad I found Christine.

Vixen drops bars. Drives me batty. I am focusing on her jump training right now so we can nip that in the bud asap.

We got our maple tree tapping supplies a few weeks ago. I think I will have time this weekend to sterilize everything and then wrap it up and store it until the following Saturday. It *may* be too early to tap but we all know impulse control isn’t exactly something I am known for.

What is on the menu for tonight….I suppose some agility training at home is in store. I think I’ll work on contacts with Vixen; teeter to. Gotta teach that dog the teeter already!!! Grr!

Later in the evening I’ll be taking both dogs to New Leaf to do some training – flatwork and jumps for Vixen…just a warm up and stretching for Indie.