Sunday, January 7, 2018

What Options do You See?

I think I am going on to week 8 of (pretty much) continuous illness. Despite being 7 days in to the New Year I have yet to do any meaningful training with my own dogs, despite the best of intentions.

I simply don’t have the energy. Being lazy is one thing, being sick is another. Or maybe I am just making up more excuses.

I did manage to haul my butt out of bed long enough today to attend a class each with Keen and Vixen.

In Keen’s class we worked on driving the line exercises using Crate Games. He really surprised me with his speed and focus. He was so good in fact that Christine upped the challenge and made us put food distractions on our line. Only one oopsie on Keen’s part and then he realized that IYC was at play here too.

In Vixen’s class we ran short sequences that were specifically designed to allow for different handling options on one particular jump. We then timed the different handling options. To my surprise, the handling choice I was sure to be the slowest was in fact the fastest – by a whole second!

What handling choices do you see for Jump #2?

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