Kimark Pony Express

She was (almost) everything I didn't want. Most notably, she is not a boy.
Fate sometime has a way of stepping in and changing all your plans.

What I thought was a moderate energy sheltie before (Indie) I am finding out is actually a pretty low energy sheltie. Vixen is a whole new can of something or other. She literally NEVER stops. If I can see that she needs her to rest, I have to crate her and she has to be put away in a room alone. Otherwise she will stand silently in her crate, staring at you. It is a little unnerving. 

She goes all day and all night; loves toys and LOVES FOOD. She has a huge sense of entitlement, so working on IYC will be of the highest priority with this one - no unsupervised food with this one....ever.

She has been fun, growing way to fast and is well on her way to looking like a little lady. I have forbidden her to grow any taller than 15", but that seems like it might be battle lost.

UPDATE 2016 - This little firecracker had a great year. We progressed through agility training at a steady pace and I happy with the results. We dabbled in Rally a little, and while it wasn't magical, she did earn her Rally Novice title in April. I am excited to see what the next year has in store for us!!

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